Old Burial Records

In 2017 we discovered some old volumes of burial records. These books were in a previously ignored safe that had been unopened for many years.

We wanted to share these records on our website for use by the public. We were able to have these records digitized for your research.

There are four books, the oldest dates back to 1879. Each book has a slightly different format and level of detail.

1879 – 1899 is organized alphabetically in that all last names beginning with ‘A’ are on the same page(s) and in somewhat chronological order on those pages. There are two pages shown on each screenshot.

View 1879 – 1899 Records

1900 – 1922 records are on one page in chronological order.

View 1900 – 1922 Records

1923 – 1951 records are chronological with two pages per record line.

View 1923 – 1951 Records

1952 – 1988 records are also chronological with two pages per record line.

View 1952 – 1988 Records

The older volume gives very little information other than the fact that the person was interred in the cemetery and a burial date. Other volumes have more detail, including date of death, age, cause of death, undertaker and location within the cemetery.

There are about fourteen months of records missing, August 1951 through September 1952. Hopefully these entries will be found at some point so that we can include them here.

To utilize the information, you will need to know the date range to determine which volume to search. You should be able to scroll from page to page until you find the person you are researching.

Legibility of the records is sometimes challenging due to penmanship, fading and the quality of inks and papers used.