When is the cemetery open?

The cemetery is open from 8am until sunset.

How can I find out about purchasing a burial lot?

Our Services page may help, or you can contact our Superintendent Richard Fox at (518) 857-2244.

How can I locate a specific plot?

Try our Find A Plot feature which allows you to search by name.

How can I help?

Friends of the Cemetery
In 2015 we began the formation of a “Friends of the Ballston Spa Village Cemetery” group. Our hope is to raise the community awareness of the historical significance of the cemetery and to hopefully recruit volunteers to perform some needed tasks. If you can help us, please visit our Volunteer page and let us know your area(s) of interest and contact information.

We are constantly seeking to improve our knowledge of the cemetery’s history. If you have or know of any type of documentation relating to the village cemetery, please contact us with that information. We are afraid that as the years pass, old records from families are discarded and lost forever.

We are always looking for historical and biographical information relating to people buried in the Ballston Spa Village Cemetery. If you would like to submit a biography of a deceased ancestor who is interred in our cemetery, please contact us with the information. In the future we hope to include a biography page on this website.

Burial Records
We strive to insure that our burial records are as accurate as possible. We also know that the records displayed here contain many errors. Dates may be wrong, names may be miss-spelled or burial locations may have been transcribed wrong. We would like to have these errors corrected, but with over 10,000 burials, it is a large undertaking. If you find errors in our listing, please contact us to have them corrected.

Financial and Bequests
As a non-profit organization, we are limited in our sources of income. We rely on the sale of burial plots to fund the annual maintenance of the cemetery. Some years our expenses out number our income, other years are a little more favorable. This income leaves very little, if any, remaining funds to make improvements to the grounds or buildings. Our major source of funding for improvements has been from individuals willing to directly fund an improvement or by monetary bequests in the wills or estates of individuals. Our new Garrett Road entrance is a result of a bequest that directed us to use the monies for “Beautification and Improvement” of the cemetery.