Coming Soon, A 60 Niche Columbarium

Spring 2020

A needed enhancement to the Village Cemetery!

A columbarium is a structure with compartments (niches) that will permanently house cremation urns. These structures are typically constructed from granite, which requires little maintenance other than cleaning.

In the last few years, cremation has become more popular as an option for the final disposition of loved ones remains. Statistics now show that over 50% of deaths result in the interment of cremation ashes.

Information from local funeral homes indicate that members of the community are seeking alternatives to a full in-ground burial for their deceased family members or their own planning. Some people do choose to keep the cremation urns of their loved ones at home, but many more are seeking a more permanent resting place.

Members of the local community who wish to utilize a public columbarium are now required to purchase cremation niches in other communities or counties.

The Board of Directors of the Ballston Spa Cemetery Association has concluded that the Ballston Spa Village Cemetery and the community at large would be well served by the addition of a columbarium unit(s) as a viable option in the cemetery.

The planned first columbarium unit for our cemetery will have 60 niches (30 each side). These niches will hold 2 (two) cremation urns each.

While the cost of a grave for in-ground burial is less expensive, cremation niches do not need or require a casket, vault/grave liner or a monument; saving thousands of dollars per interment. Additionally, the planned columbarium niches for the Village Cemetery will be double depth, able to house two cremation urns each.

The area chosen for our columbarium will allow for future units as well as walkways, benches and landscaping. This area is in the northeastern part of our recently opened Section ‘G’.

The cost of the unit along with foundation work, transportation, embellishments, etc. will affect our selling prices for the niches. We plan to charge a per niche price that is both fair for our local demographics and that will also contribute to the financial longevity of the cemetery.

Public Comments for this construction project will be accepted through December 28th 2019.

Comments can be addressed to:

Ballston Spa Cemetery Association
PO Box 231
Ballston Spa, NY 12020




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